Every Solution Creates Another Problem.

Kisa Developers is here to find the solution to that other problem.

Bringing you Expert Software Development Services and Custom solutions for your business needs

Who We Are

software development and IT consultancy firm that specializes in creating custom software applications and providing expert IT consulting services to clients. We have a team of experienced software developers, project managers, and IT consultants who work together to deliver high-quality software solutions and provide valuable guidance and support to our clients

We are committed to delivering personalized and tailored solutions to meet the specific needs and goals of our clients, providing additional services such as training, support, and maintenance making us a visionary and a reliable software engineering partner for our clients


Our vision is to be the champion of software development in East and central Africa


Transforming Ideas into products that can bring lasting positive change

Our Values

  • Power of Now: The Power of Now is central to our company's values, as we understand that mindfulness and presence are crucial for achieving success.
  • Time is money: We understand that time is a valuable resource and strive to use it efficiently and effectively in order to maximize the value we provide to our clients.
  • Flexibility: This is an integral part of our work process.
  • Predictable: We value predictability and strive to provide consistent, reliable service to our clients.

What We Offer



Custom Software Development

Creating software applications specifically designed to meet the unique needs and requirements of a specific client or organization through a collaborative process that involves close communication and collaboration with the client to ensure that the final product meets their specific needs and goals.

digital transfornation

Digital Transformation

Using digital technologies to fundamentally change how an organization operates and delivers value to its customers. It involves the integration of digital technologies into all areas of a business, including operations, marketing, and customer service helping organizations become more efficient, agile, and innovative.

UI & UX Design

Creating user interfaces and user experiences for software applications and websites which involves understanding the needs and goals of users and creating designs that are intuitive, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing.

mobile app dev

Mobile App Development

Creating software applications for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets using technologies and tools specific to the mobile platform to build and test mobile apps

Product Engineering

Designing, developing, and testing a product, from initial concept to final release


Web Development

Creating and maintaining websites through a wide range of tasks such as design, content creation, coding, and server-side configuration.


Maintenance and Support

Provide ongoing activities that help ensure the smooth and effective operation of software applications and systems with activities like fixing bugs, updating software, and optimizing performance, assistance and guidance to users essential for keeping software systems running smoothly helping users get the most value out of them.


IT Consultation

Providing expert advice and guidance to organizations on how to effectively use information technology to meet their business goals


Bring you the latest technologies, Multi-industry-specific solutions meeting the needs and providing solutions to many industries.

fintech image

custom solutions for

  • Banks
  • Insurance Companies
  • Financial Institutions
Real Estate image
  • Property management systems
  • Real estate websites and apps
  • custom real estate software
  • Implementation and customization of off-the-shelf real estate software
Education image
  • Learning management systems (LMS)
  • Educational software
  • Adaptive learning technologies
Hotel and Travel image
  • Smart Room Systems
  • Unified Hotel Experience
  • Online booking systems
  • Mobile check-in/check-out
  • In-room technology
Logistics image
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Smart WareHousing
Manufacturing image
Health care image
  • Electronic health records (EHRs)
  • Telemedicine
  • Electronic prescribing
  • Medical imaging
construction image
  • BIM (Building Information Modeling)
retail image
  • Property management
  • Real estate investing
  • Point of sale systems
  • Data analytics
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) systems
  • Inventory management systems
  • Online shopping platforms
  • Payment gateways

Our Products

We use the latest technology, trends and modern user experience design to build and bring the best software experience to end user.

Pamoja loago


Pamoja is a tool designed to help microfinance companies make informed lending decisions.By using Pamoja, microfinance companies can make more informed lending decisions, reducing the risk of default and helping to ensure the sustainability of their operations.


A portfolio management system is a software solution that enables companies to effectively manage and analyze the institution's portfolio. It is designed to provide a comprehensive view of the institution's performance, and to help the institution make informed decisions.

twebale logo


Twebale is a business management system that allows for management (remote or local) of businesses(hardware shops, retail shops, whole-sale shops etc). The platform is accessible on all smart phones, laptops and desktops

The app tracks sales,purchases, balance sheets, receipts, etc and gives very meaningful and easy-to-understand reports

Meet Our Team

Our team is dedicated to delivering excellency is focused on creating high-quality software that meets the needs of its users and exceeds their expectations. it's committed to delivering excellency, is highly adaptable, able to quickly respond to changes and pivot as needed to ensure the best possible outcome. By consistently delivering top-notch software, this team will be able to set itself apart and establish a reputation for excellence within the industry.


Moses Muwanguzi


Moses is the CEO of the company and is responsible for setting the overall direction and strategy. He has extensive experience in the software industry and is committed to building a strong, innovative team.

Head of Development

Bukenya Tom

Head of Development

Tom is the head of development and leads the software engineering team. He has a strong background in computer science and is skilled in multiple programming languages. Tom is dedicated to delivering high-quality software products to our customers.

Project Manager

Obule David Richard

Project Manager

David is the project manager and is responsible for managing the development process from start to finish. He has excellent communication and organization skills and is able to juggle multiple projects at once. David is committed to ensuring that our projects are completed on time and on budget.

UX/UI Designer

Ndyabahika Douglas Kakuru

UX/UI Designer

Kakuru is the UX/UI designer and is responsible for designing the look and feel of our software products. He has a strong eye for detail and is able to create intuitive and user-friendly interfaces. Kakuru is passionate about creating engaging and effective software experiences for our users.

Kisa Developers Assurance

  • Open and Transparent communication.
  • Professionalism (extremely skilled and technical team).
  • Optimized project management.
  • Scalable, Flexible and secure architecture.
  • Quality Asurance and testing.
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Why Us / What sets us apart

  • Dedicated developers
  • Your deadlines are our deadlines
  • High process orientation
  • Digital Acceleration
  • Technical excellency
  • Full transparency
  • Partner and advisers